Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Journal Notes by Boop Designs

Journal Notes

Want a fast and super easy way to create perfect journal notes or tags? Here you go! Load the action and simply create or open your own shape or image, add your design options to get the look you want and this fabulous action adds journal lines on your shape or image. Presto, you have yourself customized journal notes and tags ready to for your next scrap project. Choose from 4 different sized lines (50 px, 100 px,150 px, 200 px), you can even choose the color of the lines... It will also keep the lines on a separate layer for further customization, if needed. Fully customizable, it lets you choose any layer style of color, gradients or pattern overlays so that you can create to your hearts content. Crank out one after the other with a few simple clicks. Think of all time you will save and how much easier it will be to create. This action will pay for itself after the first few uses!

Available now!

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